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Love Him!

I love his style of preaching. Wakes me up to how fortunate I am to have the Gospel and helps me get as fired up about it as he is.

Inspiring and Motivating

Love, love, love the consistent use of scripture (Bible and Book of Mormon) to share and make points about helping all to come unto Jesus! Keep at it Gary. Much love brotha’ :-)

This show is very inspiring.

Gary has fired me up about missionary work and scripture study. I appreciate him giving tips and ideas about how to be a better Christian and Saint. Every time I listen I feel more motivated to speak about Jesus and am gaining an appreciation and love for the Scriptures. So grateful I found this po…

My southern soul was fed

I love this! Lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ and grew up going to youth groups from many denominations in Houston. Feels good to be lit up. I love Jesus. Thank you for sharing your gifts and inspiring me to better use mine. God bless.

Thank you

I like the scripture-heavy approach to LDS theology and I appreciate your testimony of the gospel and your sharing of personal revelation. Thank you for helping to spread the word and call souls to Christ, it’s only through Him and His Atonement that we can attain forgiveness in this life and exalt…

Thank you

Thanks your hard preaching. I needed the fresh wake up call you’ve been sending out. Repenting more and more every day. The messages are helping me focus more on God’s words, open my mouth and share Christ’s Gospel which I love to EVERYONE!

Conversion story and great teachings!

I love this podcast. I started tuning in after leading Saints featured you. We’ve started sharing the gospel with our neighbors who are born again Christians. We had them in our home last night. They’ve agreed to read the Book of Mormon and meet with the sisters, but they do have quite a few reserv…

Love podcast

Thank you!

Gary fires me up every time!

Well worth the time to listen, be edified and uplifted.

Five Stare For Sure

Starting listening to this podcast about a week ago. Love listening to conversion stories and your cross referencing the scriptures. You’ve pumped me up and got my spiritual train roaring! Thank you!


Truly enjoy the passion. Keep it going.

Real and Uncut

I just love how real, enthusiastic and unapologetic he is.

So so so good!

Insightful, energetic, inspiring! There’s a fire in my belly after each episode. I want to GO and DO!


Gary-I love your passion & Energy when it comes to the scriptures. I served a mission in Nashville and always loved the energy of the Baptist preachers I met & now I get to hear it with the fullness of the gospel❤️❤️ Keep it up Colby

On target

Love the way Gary teaches and love his enthusiasm for the Gospel. This is one that needs to be shared.

Great perspective and energy

I enjoy the perspective and energy Gary brings to gospel and life topics. He uses vocabulary and methods for describing the gospel of Jesus Christ that are a little different from many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


After every episode I feel energized and highly motivated to go and do the work! Thanks Gary!

Love this!

I love the way Gary teaches. His enthusiasm makes me want to do better.


Love Greg’s perspective - thank you!


So happy I found this. My new favorite!


Thanks for a new perspective! I love your teaching method!!

Wow wow wow !!!!

You have me hooked line and sinker Gary your my new obsession ❤️

Great stuff

Listening to Gary is a breathe of fresh air!

The Best!

As a long time Latter Day Saint, Gary reignited my own desire to dive deep into the scriptures. Helped me remember the power in the Book of Mormon and he has a gift to make the scriptures alive and fun. So good!!! Listen!!

Renews my faith!

I can’t say how wonderful it is to stumble across this podcast. Gary Miller touches on all the reasons I converted in 2014! I’ve wandered away a couple of times but; I keep coming back! This podcast and a few others has reminded me of my why. There’s so much focus on the Savior and Gary provides wa…

“And thou shalt not join any of them for they are ALL wrong and an abomination in my sight “

Gary how was that accepted by you and your sweetheart first hearing that? I cringed reading it to others while on my mission knowing that these my brothers were so sincere and devout.

Love the Narrow Gate Podcast

Goodnight! Gary is making me want to be a better Berean! Im wanting to “receive the word with all readiness of mind and search the scriptures daily.” I’m aware that as one who has been raised with the gospel in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I can take it for granted and at ti…

Needed Perspective

As I listen to Brother Miller, as a lifelong member of the church, I’m reinvigorated by his perspective as a newer member. It’s like we’re goldfish in a bowl and sometimes we forget what the living water is that we swim in until a new fish joins the bowl and describes why he chose this water. His e…


Thank you Gary for using all scripture! Your knowledge has lead me to open and study the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants along with President Nelson’s current General Conference talks to learn more for myself. Taking the word of God to Him in prayer and allowing…

Thank you!

Thank you Brother Miller! Came upon this podcast and I’m so glad I did! Love your insights on the scriptures. Keep it up!


Honest faithful teaching

Life changing!

Such a fresh view of the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love the way Gary teaches and his passion and love for Christ. Sure lit a fire under my bum to get out of my comfort zone to go spread the joy of the good news!

Get to know Jesus.

Thought provoking.

Great for someone like me!

I’m a convert from a Baptist denomination, and I love this podcast. It’s almost a clash of worlds, hearing LDS words from the kind of pastor I grew up with, but it makes the gospel a lot more approachable for someone who might have come from a mainstream denomination and is having some trouble gett…

Giving me a reason to stay

Lifelong member, married to a convert from a polygamist family. Both of us are returned missionaries from Taiwan. Became disillusioned with the church after our daughters death 5 years ago. Just wanted to say that this podcast is giving me a reason to stay in the LDS faith.

Kindling my Flame of Faith.

Listening to these podcasts with Gary Miller has really added a positive and fresh aspect to my studies and understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Man, I am so grateful to be a follower of Christ!

Loved this

Just what we needed, bible preaching member to bring back to seriously study our scriptures!!!

A perspective I feel I am missing

Just discovered this podcast and I really appreciate it. It is a perspective that I have been needed. Thanks Gary for your time and sharing your fire!


So glad I found this podcast! Very grateful for Gary’s perspective and insight!!

Inspiring and motivational

Gary is a leader! He comes with real life experience and understanding of the Word, because he lives it. His podcast helps provide great insights and helping to go to the source. I am thankful for the application and seeking answers to what is said or read, and how to live it personally. “Seek to d…

Hurting but still hopeful

This is my favorite religious podcast. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the words that are shared in this podcast. I recommend it to all. My favorite in particular was titled “Hurting but still Hopeful.” It has the potential to change your life and impact how you view life when 1 1 doesn’t equal 2. …


Gary is so motivational I freaking love it!!!

It's Friday!!!

Love love love this guy! If you're ready for some real- Come To Jesus! This is the one! Today's podcast- Wake up in the morning and say, Good Morning Jesus really touched my heart! ❤️🙏🏼


Was recently asked to study the 8th chapter of Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson “The Power of the Word” and all I could think of was this sounds like Brother Miller. Thank you for helping to increase my desire to get into the word of God daily. It truly is powerful. Thank…


A powerful way to connect with Jesus through a lens that deserves dramatically more attention.

Amazing Podcast

This is a wonderful podcast. It is great to hear a somewhat different perspective from someone who joined the Church of Jesus Christ from an evangelical Baptist background. His sermons are fun and exciting and high energy. I love how every individual that joins the church brings their own energy…

It's Friday!!!

Thanks so much for your amazing joyful spirit!!! Your Happiness and Faith is felt! I Delight in listening to you! You're the Best Preacher Ever!!! Don't Stop! Please don't ever Stop! ❤️🙏🏼

2 chapters away

Amazingly insightful and informative. Love it.

Love this podcast!!

Just listened to episode 50. I want a series on The Roman Road to the Restoration! This entire podcast is fire. If I could make one suggestion it would be to include the scriptures you preach in each podcast. I listen to you over the road and, not that I can’t use the re-listen, having the scriptur…

Worth it!

Gary is inspiring! His knowledge of the scriptures is amazing. Always makes my day to listen to his messages.

Christ-focused and Challenging

We can never focus too much on the Savior and his call to change. Gary brings the insights of his background to the restored gosepl of Jesus Christ in ways that move to repentance and refining, but with a degree of excitement that is sometimes tough to find. Grateful for this addition to my regul…

Non-Traditional Latter-day Saint

Gary has a voice that is very unique. He spent his life outside of the Mormon Church (including leading his own congregations), and now he’s on the inside! I listen to a lot of Bible-talk radio, and Gary certainly has the affect down, except he’ll also preach from the Book of Mormon! No doubt he’l…


This podcast provides a fresh approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gary ain’t your typical seminary or EFY style speaker!

So so good!!

Gary lives in my mission (Houston, Texas) and I got to serve with one of the missionaries that studied with him and his family. I loved hearing about their journey, and Gary even got to speak at one of our meetings. I was so excited to listen to his podcast when I got home, and he has not disappoin…


Love the interesting perspective and motivation.

Good stuff

I like his style and approach. Uplifting and easy to digest

A needed voice

Raw, refreshing, fiery yet approachable. A valuable voice that is building bridges and opening minds. Cannot recommend more highly.

Peace with Passion

Thanks for sharing your insight and testimonials!!

Easy to listen to. Motivating without being preachy

I encourage anyone interested in hearing practical ways to put the word of God into action to listen to this podcast.


Love this podcast and Gary Miller, not your average Latter Day Saint, he’s a leader and great speaker. Can’t wait to hear him someday at General Conference.

Love This! Fusion Christianity!

Like fusion jazz (jazz combined with rock), this is fusion Christianity! The flavor of a good ol’ Bible thumping preacher completed with the light of the restoration in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

good latter day preaching

I long for good preachers of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Gary nails it!


Worth the listen.

Great instruction on the scriptures.

Gary has an amazing way of sharing the scriptures and applying them to us personally.

Keep them coming

I love how Gary tells it like it is! There is no fluff! Just straight scripture nothing more nothing less!


This show is outstanding. Great perspective.

Inspiring fire

Gary Miller reminds me of all the full flavor Baptists I have met. I love his humor, fire and passion, thanks for your work and ministry!

Great show

Love Alma 14. So many lessons we can apply in today’s world. Verse 11 gives the reason they waited to respond. Keep up the great work!


Gary is teaching the gospel pure and simple. Everything is applicable and has helped me and strengthened my resolve to do better!

Latter Gate

I love how you know Primary songs with only a few months in the church. And I love your passion for the gospel!! We do need to pray with greater intensity for our country and for the people in our life that have left the fold.

Love this podcast

I love listening to Gary on this podcast and look forward to each new episode. He has helped me want to be a better person.


This is an incredible podcast. Gary brings a passion to the teachings of God. Please give it a listen, you will not be disappointed!!


This is an incredible podcast. Gary’s story is incredible and his understanding of the gospel is great. This is a god pod for any Latter-day Saint. New member or seasoned vet.

Hi five plus CFM live five stars

If there were more I would give Gary 10.5 He brings his story & his passion with every episode. It’s a day stopper. When I get the alert. I literally have to stop everything I’m doing to tune in.


Gary brings a unique experience and fire to the Word of God. He can light a fire in you too. Listen with an open heart and you will be surprised.

Excellent and Inspiring!

Your words make me want to be a better disciple! Your testimony is powerful. ❤️ Thank you so much for preaching the gospel!

The Latter Gate

Inspiring. Loved listening to Gary. Please keep going. Awesome! 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Simple Truths, Refreshing Perspective

A beautiful and stark reminder/illustration that the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness will fit any culture and any individual. Gary is showing how he is bring all his good with him and that it only enhances the message of the Gospel. It’s also smart, simple, and a lot of fun to listen to. TH…

Enthusiastic and easy to listen too!

I really like the way Gary presents the gospel. He's always so energetic and ready to connect the scripture to real life.

Simple Truths

Gary is an inspirational man who explains how God can reveal the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to any individual who reads it and asks God with real intent having faith in Christ if it is true!

Amazement & Wonder

I just listened to Gary’s latest podcast. I loved his perspective on how crucial original source scripture study is for our understanding of Jesus! Gary is engaging and I love his outside in viewpoints and how to look at this Gospel with fresh eyes.

Welcome Home

A faith building podcast for anyone wondering the meaning of life and where God can be found.


This podcast is amazing! Truly uplifting! It will inspire you to act and to share the gospel!

Inspiring and Captivating

I love Gary’s enthusiasm and unique perspective coming from his extensive knowledge of the Bible and preacher background. I feel motivated to be a doer of the word. Great podcast!

Genuine and Heartfelt

Gary has a very genuine and sincere delivery of the principals central to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rooted in his thorough grasp of the Bible and complimented by the teachings contained in Another Testament of Jesus Christ -The Book of Mormon. Gary delivers inspiring thoughts and message…